The release of Windows Server 2016 and core based licensing


Oh my! This is truly the year of releases at Microsoft. Just a few days ago SQL Server 2016 was released to market and since January we’ve received new versions for other server applications such as Exchange, Sharepoint and Project Server. It’s not only the servers that gets a facelift, Office 2016 has been around for a while and during the summer Windows 10 Redstone will be available. And the release party doesn’t stop there. For the second half of this year we will see new version of Windows Server, System Center and BizTalk.

Luckily there haven’t been any major change in licensing for these new versions. The release of Windows Server and System Center 2016 won’t be as simple when Microsoft transitions from the processor based licensing to a core based model. Let’s have a closer look at the changes to come for Windows Server.Read More »

Get your own Azure datacenter with Azure Stack

Most companies are looking to leverage cloud solutions but struggle to see the road to full public cloud based platform.

The challenges are many:

  • Advantage of existing investments –> Existing IT platform represents a value short term and long term. To ensure the right picture a value deprecation a plan must be included.
  • Integration to legacy systems –> Integration provides challenges and having the full control provides the possibilities to build the right integration the best possible way.
  • Performance and latency –> Performance is key to ensure the best possible usage. By building locally, you ensure shortest latency between systems and support best possible user experience.
  • Considerations –> Cloud as a platform for your company, security and data protection considerations. Will a cloud solution support your business?
  • Complete cost picture  –> how does a cost picture for cloud look? Known price / capacity vs. “pays as you go” unlimited capacity. Can you calculate and forecast cost on public cloud?

To better support flexible solutions with hybrid cloud , Microsoft is introducing Azure Stack.Read More »