Is your organization managing software assets, or are software assets managing your organization?

In early summer 2016, COMPAREX conducted a survey about Software Asset Management to the major Finnish organizations. More than a hundred organizations were called through. The people who answered the survey were mostly IT or Finance Managers. Interestingly, Finance Managers were not so interested in license management than IT Managers. Through effective and optimized license management cost savings can be made by optimizing software assets to be compliant to the organization’s needs. Based on this point, it should be obvious that the Finance Managers should pay attention to license management. After all, organizations usually are constantly seeking cost savings.

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Software Asset Management – is it worth the time and the money?

During recent years I have had a number of discussions with IT specialists and CIOs, about how to approach Software Asset Management.
From some of a customer relationship has been created and it is typical that this relationship has many aspects of a partnership.
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