Who is SAM?

In my daily work I meet many customers and the other day I was asked “SAM, who is that?” As responsible for your companies’ software assets you are working daily with SAM questions, maybe without knowing it and perhaps making SAM too complicated.

SAM is all about why and how we manage and take care of our software and licenses, often complex questions to handle but also many basic tasks to perform.Read More »

Have you ever thought about the benefits of SAM as a Service?

Something I come across quite often when I meet customers is that they have purchased a tool for license management and begun to register licenses, but with no or very little knowledge of licensing rules, it has not been good data quality. A clear scenario, such as SQL Server, which over the years changed its licensing terms a few times and when the agreement has been renewed additional licenses has been granted duo to the new license form. No tool can handle such things automatically, it requires both intelligence and manual work to be administered properly.
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