Is your organization managing software assets, or are software assets managing your organization?

In early summer 2016, COMPAREX conducted a survey about Software Asset Management to the major Finnish organizations. More than a hundred organizations were called through. The people who answered the survey were mostly IT or Finance Managers. Interestingly, Finance Managers were not so interested in license management than IT Managers. Through effective and optimized license management cost savings can be made by optimizing software assets to be compliant to the organization’s needs. Based on this point, it should be obvious that the Finance Managers should pay attention to license management. After all, organizations usually are constantly seeking cost savings.

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Getting in trouble in the jungle of licenses

Have you ever thought about the fact that, almost without exceptions, organizations have far more money in their licenses than in hardware? Despite this fact, software assets are not carefully being taken care of in organizations. As the IT environment is changing rapidly, data amounts are increasing and cloud services becoming more and more popular, license management has become no doubt more challenging.

Software Asset Management is particularly challenging in server environment. Usually organizations are unfamiliar with the license terms, and license terms that are constantly changing won´t make it much easier. In addition to the correct tools, license management requires knowledge and experience.

I claim that especially larger organizations take a needless risk and lose a lot of money if they try to manage their licenses by themselves. Furthermore, it’s not very sensible when thinking about business development. The bigger the organization, the bigger the risks.Read More »