Harness the Potential of a Hybrid Cloud Agreement Strategy

First there was software and then there was cloud. However, only fairly recently it seems, has the realization sunk in that for most organizations it’s not a question of either or, but rather finding the best mix to support and develop the business. A foundation for a sustainable hybrid IT-strategy is a well thought-out hybrid agreement structure. When it comes to Microsoft you can of course mix software and cloud within the same licensing agreement, but mixing EA (Enterprise Agreement) and CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) licensing enables a more flexible hybrid framework. Based on an EA for line-of-business servers and applications while utilizing the flexibility of CSP user/consumption-based services for productivity tools can help you minimize risk and maximize flexibility.

Let’s walk through an example were this structure would be beneficial:

  • An organization consists of a fairly stable office work-force of 500+ users, however a significant part of the business also consists of either field, blue-collar, or seasonal users.
  • By enrolling in an EA where you standardize on for example the SPE E3 platform for the office workers you secure a high-value enterprise-wide agreement and a beneficial price-list for any other servers/applications.
  • However, the SPE E3 platform might not be suitable for workers outside of the office. By licensing the additional users through CSP you keep the EA nice and tidy, and utilize the CSP as an excellent agreement-vessel to manage additional or fluctuating demand for additional productivity products.
  • In addition you might be running services on Azure where you don’t have any advantage making a monetary commitment within the EA, but would rather pay based on consumption in CSP.

Five reasons to consider an EA & CSP hybrid agreement

  • Maximize agreement value by standardizing on core products in EA
  • Minimize business risk by flexible licensing for Cloud services in CSP
  • Create a stable and long term Line of Business strategy through EA while remaining flexible on user and consumption based services through CSP
  • A hybrid agreement structure enables you to establish a cost-effective strategy to manage new teams, seasonal workers and spearhead projects.
  • A hybrid agreement structure is the foundation for a sustainable hybrid IT-environment, enabling cloud migration at your chosen pace and quick deployments with consumption-based cloud services.

Need help structuring a hybrid agreement structure?

Ask us! At COMPAREX we pride ourselves on our licensing expertise and experience.


Join our webinar April 27, 10:00-10:45 AM (CEST) and learn more about the benefits of a hybrid cloud and agreement strategy.

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