Who is SAM?

In my daily work I meet many customers and the other day I was asked “SAM, who is that?” As responsible for your companies’ software assets you are working daily with SAM questions, maybe without knowing it and perhaps making SAM too complicated.

SAM is all about why and how we manage and take care of our software and licenses, often complex questions to handle but also many basic tasks to perform.

Something important to know is that the knowledge of what you DON´T have control over is at least as important as what you actually HAVE control over.

It is a nice quick fix to buy additional licenses while expanding your installed base, but there is much money to be saved by only licensing the software actually being used. Every day I come across environments where there are many old installations left behind by software that has not been used for a long time because the effort to uninstall such can be more time consuming than to order more licenses.

Nowadays there are license management tools with built-in automation that makes the process less time consuming and smoother. Wouldn´t you like to invest your money on something more enjoyable than to pay double licensing fees?

I´m sure you would!

Since the cloud arrived, many software manufacturers have changed their licensing rules and made them more complex and difficult to understand. It makes us all feel uncertain and insecure. In this modern time when we expect all our data to be available anytime and anywhere you have to be careful so the license rules don´t make the cost escalate!

Me and my colleagues @ COMPAREX have a lot of experience in this wonderful world of licenses, we love challenge and complexity. Please feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to help you on your journey.

Don´t miss out our webinar on March 24th together with Snow Software when we will tell you about our SAM as a Service based on Snow License Manager! You can register here!

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