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Why build a hotel when you can just book a room for your trip?

CHANGE creates the possibility. But why is change so difficult for us? There will always be resistance till the end, because change demands activity at that point. However, based on my experience, change makes you feel blissful.

It’s the same when it comes to cloud services. Why would anyone be resistant to that? A service whenever you want, a service what you want. It’s even possible to know the costs beforehand.

The change will happen anyway, it will find its way regardless of wheater we want it or not. If only we would not obstruct the change, we would be far more competitive in the market. The organizations and people who dare to join the change, will be successful for sure. The others can be successful as well, even if they are not driving the change by themselves.

If we take a look for example at Microsoft Cloud Services, I can say that you will find a solution for every need. At COMPAREX, we have created three service entities, which are related to the customers needs. During 2016, our partner Edera Partners has interviewed 449 Finnish organizations’ policy-makers about their future expectations of cloud services and solutions. The created service packages made by COMPAREX relied to this study among others.

The playing field has changed – The 2016 Study according to Edera Partners and can we learn from it?

According to Edera’s study, server virtualization is used in 96 % of the organizations. This is a very good result, when thinking about the transformation towards cloud services step by step. The desktop and application virtualization rate has risen significantly compared to previous years. Up to 51,1 % of the respondents were utilizing application virtualization enabling the use of the applications from anywhere and with any device. Speaking of this, we can smoothly begin to talk about the cloud services.

Within the responded organizations, SaaS services are widely used. 65 % of the respondents are thinking about using cloud services more extensive. This is how it goes, after a positive experience, you crave for more…


What I think was very surprising, were the most important features of the benefits of the cloud services:

  1. ONLY 8,5 % of the respondents thought that the reduction of deep knowledge is important. If we think about that the organization wants to use a whole new application, what skills should be needed to build the platform, the maintenance (patching etc.), to study the application, not to mention the time spent on other training?
  • Using Azure PaaS services the platform is ready in minutes, equipped with the appropriate “hardware” and with (either your own or Azure) application. This environment is running only the time needed (and is also invoiced based on use). However, 29 % of the respondents thought that the speed is important when taking new services in use. This, what I think, demands a very deep knowledge.
  • You could compare this for example travelling in business: you book a room from a hotel instead of building the whole hotel in order to use one room.

2. Up to 39,4 % of the respondents emphasize the importance of enhancing security!

  • You can also think of it the other way around. Many organizations have doubts on the safety of the cloud services, because they don’t know exactly from where the service is coming, where the data will be and so on. Despite this, the confidence on cloud services has been increased and security is seen as more better than on premise.

3. 39,4 % of the respondents felt that cost savings are important.

Here are some good points to consider:

  • Hardware maintenance/support/expert work costs?
  • Electricity and cooling costs?
  • The costs caused by the missing business opportunity due to slowness?
  • License costs, when control can be given for certain users?

Based on these results, we will introduce our service package, which is divided into the following parts: improving the contentment of the end user, delegating the data center load and a ready-to-use platform solution for cloud based applications. I believe that we are able to help every customer to improve and intensify their business. But we cannot do it without change! Let’s take the first step together, move towards the cloud and let the soft mass guide our business into the right direction.

Let’s dig into the point why not to use Azure services? The services the organization does not necessarily have the abilities on their own. The same features serve all organizations, no matter the size. Back in the old days, only the biggest companies were able to produce competitive business, because they owned the datacenters and services themselves.

The playing field has changed. You don’t need to produce the back end yourself anymore, all you need to have is a business idea! Sounds easy, but why the organizations are unwilling to take any risk? Or are they? To dare to do something will create a possibility for everyone. We are all on the same level, you just have to dare to change your way of thinking alongside with the change.

If you would like to order the more detailed report of Edera Partners Study in Finnish, please contact me directly: or +358 40 519 0665.

COMPAREX Finland Azure Cloud Service brochures available in English:

1. Onboarding Service

2. Jump Start

3. Activation Pack

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