Become a Cloud Solution Provider

Flexibility and saving costs usually top the list of arguments for moving workloads to the cloud. But if an organization truly wants to take advantage of the benefits of cloud services speed critical. You want the ability to quickly capitalize on a business opportunity and be able to directly respond to the needs of the business. You want to avoid a lengthy selection process and long discussions and be assured in the knowledge that you can launch the relevant services at the right time. Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and COMPAREX Cloud Partner Program gives you as partners the ability to provide a fast and flexible full Cloud stack for solving customers’ needs at the click of a button.

At COMPAREX, we are proud to offer our partners the opportunity to join our reseller program for CSP. As a Tier 2 provider for CSP COMPAREX is positioned to help partners across the EU / EFTA region. As a partner it gives you an opportunity to continue to focus on creating added value for your customers. Through our Cloud Center, COMPAREX can offer a full range of cloud services. Our ambition is that with the help of our partners we will develop a comprehensive palette of cloud solutions for today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

True added value is created when cloud services become smart. For example, we see examples of partners who focus on bundling industry-specific applications to get vertical impact. There are countless opportunities for smart bundling of cloud services, and the CSP program provides the support necessary to rapidly develop new offerings and roll them out on the market. Whether you are primarily a consultant, application developer, hoster or a hybrid, you can expand your business model under the CSP program.

As a COMPAREX CSP partner you have the opportunity to bundle Microsoft Cloud Services with your own IP and expertise to create tailored solutions you can deliver to customers without any intermediary. All the while our partners benefit from COMPAREX automation processes for distribution and billing to provide solutions without any administrative burden.

Why work with COMPAREX?

For us it is important that our partners are successful. To encourage this, we want to work together to create joint marketing with a focus on increasing market share and sales.

With COMPAREX deep licensing expertise we can provide answers to complex licensing issues to ensure that the customer complies with all regulations regarding licensing, while always working to find the most cost-effective licensing solutions for the customer. So you can both offer a complete cloud stack, and also to involve COMPAREX to help optimize the customer’s other licenses. This way you can help your customers consolidate suppliers and secure your role as a key partner for their IT strategy.

How does the business model look like?

CSP is Microsoft’s most flexible licensing program. Customers pay only for what is used and there is a monthly record of their usage. For example, a customer can use CSP solutions permanently, or they can set up subscriptions for a project stretching over a few months and then shut them down and just pay for the time they are active. As a partner you will get an invoice for your customer services on a monthly basis. Of course you price your own solutions and it will be completely up to you how you choose to bill your customer.

What cloud services are available in CSP?

The CSP program is continually being developed and expanded. Today is the following cloud services available:

  • Office 365
  • Windows 10
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Microsoft Azure

What is needed to become a partner?

One of the big advantages of CSP Tier 2 is that it is quick to get started. If you are already a registered partner of Microsoft (you have an MPN number), you simply register in our Cloud Center and in just a few hours you can start selling cloud services to your customers.


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