Have you ever thought about the benefits of SAM as a Service?

Something I come across quite often when I meet customers is that they have purchased a tool for license management and begun to register licenses, but with no or very little knowledge of licensing rules, it has not been good data quality. A clear scenario, such as SQL Server, which over the years changed its licensing terms a few times and when the agreement has been renewed additional licenses has been granted duo to the new license form. No tool can handle such things automatically, it requires both intelligence and manual work to be administered properly.
A customer I help aims to manage the registration of licenses on its own. They have an IT administrator who manages the task for 2-3 hours every other week. The result is that half the time he spends is trying to remember how he did it last time before he can get started. This is a common problem, we all know that when it comes to tasks we do every day is done by routine while the things we do less often takes considerable time and effort.

There are several SAM-tools on the market to support control and management of software and licenses, but implementing a tool doesn´t solve the problem unless you have deep knowledge in the jungle of licensing. That is why it is worth thinking about implementing SAM as a Service and sign up with a partner that host a tool and have the knowledge of licensing at the same time.

I work 100% per day with Software Asset Management and licensing so if you have any issues or ideas regarding license management you would like to discuss – Please feel free to contact me or any of my other colleague in the Nordic.

If you want to know more about COMPAREX offerings when it comes to SAM as a Service, please click here.



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