Secure Productive Enterprise – the modern Enterprise Desktop package

For quite some time Microsoft has been talking about modern licensing solutions, it took a while but finally they’ve put their money where their mouth is. At first glance it looked like just another name change to the not so popular Enterprise Cloud Suite, commonly known as ECS in the Microsoft world of three letter abbreviations. For those of you not acquainted with ECS it was a package of Windows, Office 365 E3 and Enterprise Mobility Suite. A package licensed in a true per user licensing model. It was a “modern” replacement of the Pro- or Enterprise Desktop that has been around for years, but instead of device based licenses for Windows and Office you got user based ones and access to the productive Cloud Services including the IT management services like Intune to keep track of all your devices.

It took Microsoft almost two years to realize that something was missing in ECS. That’s why they, during the autumn, released Secure Productive Enterprise, also known as SPE. It’s still the same products as in ECS but you have two flavors to choose from, SPE E3 or E5. The difference between the two editions spells security and telephony. No doubt about it, E5 contains some rather nice features but due to the rather high price I usually tend to recommend E3 and then do some cherry picking and buy the functions from the E5 package that you actually needs.

So what was missing in ECS that now is available in SPE? The hybrid rights!

Microsoft realized that many customers see the potential with cloud services, but migration takes time. And for a lot of customers certain services needs to stay on premises. So whether you need time or flexibility, Secure Productive Enterprise is there to support you.

The first hybrid right is “Extended Use Rights for Secure Productive Enterprise Customers”, another word for flexibility more or less. This grants you the right to install any number of copies of Exchange-, SharePoint-, and Skype for Business Server on any server dedicated to your use. Underlying infrastructure still needs to be licensed though, if it wasn’t the risk for abuse would be far too great.

So what’s the catch? Well, access to the Extended Use Rights server is exclusive to those users assigned a Secure Productive Enterprise license and External Users (users that are not either Customer’s or its Affiliates’ employees, or its or its affiliates’ onsite contractors or onsite agents).

In other words, to make the most out of you SPE investment you need to buy it for all you users. If you or have a lot of users with different needs of functionality, like the retail or manufacturing business, this might be a bit tricky. In those cases it usually boils down to doing the math and comparing prices. Give me a call and I’ll help you out.

The second hybrid right is Office Professional Plus, not Office 365 which you of course get access to since it’s one of the three foundational products of SPE. This hybrid right is a bit more narrow and limited than free of charge productivity servers. This right is basically included only to give you time to migrate to Office 365.

For each Licensed User to whom you assigns a Secure Productive Enterprise From SA subscription, you may install:

  • one local copy of Office Professional Plus for the sole use of the Licensed User for the duration of the subscription; and
  • one local copy of Office Professional Plus for new User Subscription Licenses added to the same volume license agreement for the sole use of the Licensed User for the duration of the subscription. The number of new User SLs granted those user rights may not exceed the number of From SA Users initially covered under the agreement.

Are you thinking; what’s From SA?

From SA is a discounted part number that you may purchase instead of SA for fully paid, perpetual licenses with active SA. So From SA is something you purchase at renewal of your Enterprise agreement.

But I have an Enterprise Subscription Agreement you say?

Well From SA works any way. But the subscription licenses must have been purchased at least three years prior to the purchase of the From SA. So if your company has grown a lot during the last three years you won’t be able to buy the discounted part number for all your users.

Secure Productive Enterprise is quite complex so instead of just posting a blog about this product I decided to do a webinar on the 27th of January. Feel free to sign up here and I’ll go into the details regarding SPE (Swedish speaking webinar).

Do you want for information about SPE such as functions, products and licensing, please visit our homepage (Swedish).


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