Have you ever thought about the benefits of SAM as a Service?

Something I come across quite often when I meet customers is that they have purchased a tool for license management and begun to register licenses, but with no or very little knowledge of licensing rules, it has not been good data quality. A clear scenario, such as SQL Server, which over the years changed its licensing terms a few times and when the agreement has been renewed additional licenses has been granted duo to the new license form. No tool can handle such things automatically, it requires both intelligence and manual work to be administered properly.
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Secure Productive Enterprise – the modern Enterprise Desktop package

For quite some time Microsoft has been talking about modern licensing solutions, it took a while but finally they’ve put their money where their mouth is. At first glance it looked like just another name change to the not so popular Enterprise Cloud Suite, commonly known as ECS in the Microsoft world of three letter abbreviations. For those of you not acquainted with ECS it was a package of Windows, Office 365 E3 and Enterprise Mobility Suite. A package licensed in a true per user licensing model. It was a “modern” replacement of the Pro- or Enterprise Desktop that has been around for years, but instead of device based licenses for Windows and Office you got user based ones and access to the productive Cloud Services including the IT management services like Intune to keep track of all your devices.Read More »