How to utilise the full potential of your Office 365 investment

Has your company already moved to the cloud? If so, I hope that the migration was successful and that you are well on the way to use all the new features that have now become available.

Depending on the license plan there will be different functions available for the employees. It’s also possible to differentiate between the features the employees need to access –  depending on their role. There is no need to provide the full package to an employee who has no need for it.

To get started right with the new technology, COMPAREX gives you three tips on how the full potential of your new investment is adapted by the users.

1. Establish a user group
Find out which functionalities in Office 365 you really need by establishing user groups. In this process, business understanding and focus on processes is the most important. So it’s important to discuss how you want to collaborate internally in the future. IT is the tool that bind it all together.

Important issues to discuss in the user group includes:

  • How are employees engaged in the transition to new technology?
  • How are they inspired to use the various new workloads, which could enhance cooperation between individuals and departments within the company?

 2. Appoint ambassadors
The company’s leaders must naturally take the lead when the digital transformation is carried out. However, it is equally important to involve positive ambassadors among the employees. The ambassadors enthusiasm will naturally rub off on sceptical employees who are less willing to change. That way the ambassadors will save the company both valuable time and money.

3. Plan education
You could benefit from agreeing with your supplier that training of super users among the employees must be a part of your Office 365 service agreement. Otherwise, it may result in a system that is only used at half power – or not the way you first intended. Eventually, the time and money invested in education will bring you the benefits of your investment – hence you can’t afford not to educate employees.

If you want all the benefits of Office 365, it’s important that you have a plan for getting all employees to use the technology. Office 365 can help companies who have a vision to be innovative and modern – and where cooperation, flexibility and security is paramount, Office 365 and the attached services can help the company.

The road to digital transformation is paved with communication, collaboration, flexibility and the will to change. COMPAREX can help your company get a good start on that journey.

Please contact your local COMPAREX office in Sweden, Norway, Finland or Denmark – our Microsoft Cloud experts are ready to help you on the way to the cloud and how to make the most of it.

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