Is your organization managing software assets, or are software assets managing your organization?

In early summer 2016, COMPAREX conducted a survey about Software Asset Management to the major Finnish organizations. More than a hundred organizations were called through. The people who answered the survey were mostly IT or Finance Managers. Interestingly, Finance Managers were not so interested in license management than IT Managers. Through effective and optimized license management cost savings can be made by optimizing software assets to be compliant to the organization’s needs. Based on this point, it should be obvious that the Finance Managers should pay attention to license management. After all, organizations usually are constantly seeking cost savings.

When will be the right time?

Another interesting point that did come up from the survey, was about developing Software Asset Management. Nearly 50 % of the respondents reported that they would like to develop their organization’s Software Asset Management. However, over 70 % of the respondents had no intention to invest License Management anything during this year. When will be the right time to invest to the development of this critical segment? Should one wait or act now? And why to wait?

Need a help from an expert?

In surprisingly many organizations the software assets are managed on one’s own. What is even more surprising, this management is done with different kinds of home-made Excel applications. On average, there is usually three to five significant technology vendor solutions in use at an average organization. If all the other smaller vendors are counted in too, we are talking a very remarkable license jungle. What kind of a bunch of experts will be needed to take care of that the complex license terms are up to date? Or are organizations having some kind of own Dr. Phil, who is taking care of all the problems?

Are you the Dr. Phil of your Software Asset Management?

As a result, we can say that the overall future vision of the organizations appears to be positive. There is clearly a will to develop Software Asset Management and license optimization. Reasons to postpone these are various. Due to digitalization and an increasing amount of information, IT and software assets are the most valuable capital the organization has, alongside with personnel. If the CFO’s computer has no longer any software in one morning, if the auditing is coming up, If the information is leaking outside the organization, if the capacity of the data center is no longer sufficient – Who are you going to call?


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