Software Asset Management – is it worth the time and the money?

During recent years I have had a number of discussions with IT specialists and CIOs, about how to approach Software Asset Management.
From some of a customer relationship has been created and it is typical that this relationship has many aspects of a partnership.
One thing that is for sure – there are no two customers that would be identical to one another and this is where choosing correct partner plays the key role!

Quite typical situation in Finnish organisations is that the investment to a Software Asset Management tool is either done, or a need for one has been recognized.
However, it is not so typical that organisations have resource(s) to optimize their Software Assets, or to manage processes to meet the goals of the organization´s goals in SAM (in case these are defined at all). As Software Asset Management has become more complex over time through hybrid licensing models between on-premise, hosting and cloud-based solutions, having the know-how available to ensure compliancy is often quite a challenge.

End of the day, Software Asset Management is all about managing risks. Can your organization handle the situation where continuous uncertainty lays on whether you have all usage rights needed in place? Or, is the risk of possible audit fines or reputation loss too great to handle?
The answer well can be that this risk is not seen great and investment needed is greater than the Return-On-Investment. Also in these situations the selection of consultative partner to purchase correct licenses is important.

If you feel that you have challenges with these questions, please contact us.
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