IT as value add

Is IT just a burden? During the summer I met and hanged out with a lot of friends and during one of those hangouts we came to discuss work, great fun right…

My friend told me that he had a meeting with a customer and their discussion was all about lower the cost:
– I got pressure from above to lower the cost of IT, come on give me a good deal!
My friend thought for a while and then he said:
– We need to change this, IT needs to be recognize for the value it adds to the company.

I’m not telling you to not push prices because you should! We just need to market IT as value add and of course add the value. So start to look at you as value add and not just as a cost center that should be lowered. By having the sign of value add on your back you feel stronger, better and dare to take those decisions that might lift your department, your company and last but not least yourself to the next level.

connections-1207323_1280Look at the service you are providing. Maybe a lot of maintenance, could some else run that at a lower cost? Do you have multiple software that does the same thing? Do you know a lot of features and functions in the software your company is using?
Could you share that knowledge and help the users get even more productive? Could you drive business insights because you are aware of how things works and what kind of information that is available and help present that in a visual and interactive dashboard? I say – Yes you can!

So get out there and get involved in your companies decisions and projects. Add your value and skills, help your users to get productive, help your departments to get insights and assist your companies to take the right decisions in today’s techy world.

Have a nice weekend // Peter

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