IT as value add

Is IT just a burden? During the summer I met and hanged out with a lot of friends and during one of those hangouts we came to discuss work, great fun right…

My friend told me that he had a meeting with a customer and their discussion was all about lower the cost:
– I got pressure from above to lower the cost of IT, come on give me a good deal!
My friend thought for a while and then he said:
– We need to change this, IT needs to be recognize for the value it adds to the company.
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Are you ready for the next generation of BI/DW?

What have happened in the last twenty years in the Business Intelligence area? The term and technique with using fact-based support system was actually started already in the 1960s and developed thought the mid-1980s. The usage wasn’t widespread until late 1990s and organizations started to adopt the definitions and technology. When I comes to data warehouse there has been a lot of innovators during the establishment. The most famous Ralph Kimball and Bill Inmon has put the foundation that many organizations used to build up their data warehouses.

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