Greetings from Autodesk One Team X

There are big changes going on at Autodesk. Annual One Team  X conference in Berlin, Germany, gathered together almost all European distributors and resellers. The conference was held in April 2016, and I had the pleasure to take part in it. As pointed out in the conference, July this year is the last month to sell all the rest perpetual licenses, and that cloud services will expand also when it comes to Autodesk. For a long time, single Autodesk licenses have not been sold as perpetual, and now all the suite soutions will be purely sold through periodical subscription model. That is, from August, Autodesk licenses will be available in one or four months’ quick periods, and in one to three years’ longer periods. This means, that maintenance subscription is not available anymore and renewals are possible only for old contracts. So pay attention to this, as especially for large organisations it’s cheaper to pay maintenance subscription fee and keep on track of their liceses like this. At least for now.

The new periodic licenses include also new version of the software and possibilities to downgrade and get a license to use at home. Besides this, floating licenses are possible. In other words, the customers will get the licenses with the old features anAutodesk_OTX2016_400d for example the price for a year contract is significantly cheaper than perpetual license. But only for one year. When thinking about software procurement it’s important to go through the needs precisely, because the aim for the new licensing model is to give the customer a possibility to pay only for the actual use and achieve cost savings. An experienced reseller can point out the most important aspects when considering about the correct licensing model.

Boosting the Cloud

Autodesk is boosting their cloud solutions as the world’s most secure and best choice. This can be true – anyway, the amount of services is increasing. The most interesting cloud services in the future will be various simulations and visualizations which demand heavy calculating. Concerning these solutions, Autodesk will move the calculation services into the cloud, to keep the customers’ infrastructure significantly lighter due to the reduction of heavy servers.

For example, visualizing will become easier, since in the future, the models can be sent to the cloud and the cloud service will automatically generate the models into game type explorable shows with all the lightning and opening doors. Also, different strength-, flow- and render calculations will become more versatile and sharing files will be easier. It’s how Autodesk puts it: Everything is in the cloud!

New Maya releases

This time when new product releases were launced, Maya – the Mercedes of Game/VFX and Animation tools gets a huge extension Package and Maya 2017 is already announced to be released after summer. In fact back in the good old days all M&E industry tools were introduced always after summer because the biggest Computer Graphics conference SIGGRAPH was usually held late summer. So nothing to worry about – Autodesk seems only to follow old traditions.

Anyhow Extension 2 is full of very exciting features. In fact it’s like no other extension you’ve seen in the past. Completely redesigned Render Layers, integrated Mash for Motion Graphics, number of cool new rigging related workflows, updated XGen and Bifrost. AND Modeling! This includes updates to standard tools like Bevel, Bridge, Wedge and Extrude. It also includes more general improvements to things like selection, transforms and pivots. Watch the Maya videos provided by an Autodesk specialist!

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