Don’t we all have different identities?

Just like Batman, Superman or Wonder women we all have different identities. We might not all be superheroes but we do try and from time to time we are almost at their level. As they switch from one identity to another and try to locate that phone booth (which might be a little challenging today) to go from Clark Kent to Superman we also face a similar challenge today remembering all the different logins, addresses to all these different services. It could be work, private or a combination both. That is how life’s looks today more than ever when we comparing with just a few decades back – superheroes combining both our busy private and work life.

So how could we as IT Professionals help out with this and still keep control so we don’t lose valuable information and still keep the users productive or even make them more productive. Is that even a possible combination?!

I would say yes! As we see developers has easy access to PaaS to create new servsupermanices, the users get more options than ever of different SaaS solutions.

So the focus is on the identities of users. It is possible today to get on top of this and let the users have one identity to access both on premise solutions and applications, as well as third party providers like Facebook and Salesforce. One login to rule them all! Wouldn’t that be great? And when all users come back from vacation they only have one identity and password to remember or alternative, IT has only one password to reset

Take part of my webinar next Friday about Identity Management in the Microsoft Cloud:

Have great summer!


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