Get your own Azure datacenter with Azure Stack

Most companies are looking to leverage cloud solutions but struggle to see the road to full public cloud based platform.

The challenges are many:

  • Advantage of existing investments –> Existing IT platform represents a value short term and long term. To ensure the right picture a value deprecation a plan must be included.
  • Integration to legacy systems –> Integration provides challenges and having the full control provides the possibilities to build the right integration the best possible way.
  • Performance and latency –> Performance is key to ensure the best possible usage. By building locally, you ensure shortest latency between systems and support best possible user experience.
  • Considerations –> Cloud as a platform for your company, security and data protection considerations. Will a cloud solution support your business?
  • Complete cost picture  –> how does a cost picture for cloud look? Known price / capacity vs. “pays as you go” unlimited capacity. Can you calculate and forecast cost on public cloud?

To better support flexible solutions with hybrid cloud , Microsoft is introducing Azure Stack.

Azure Stack provides you with the option to get Azure in your datacenter and build a truly hybrid infrastructure with a consistent platform across on-premise to Azure to enable a “Cloud first” approach A “Cloud first” approach give you the option to choose and to change when it add value to your business to bring your datacenter to the future.

Why Azure Stack?

With Azure Stack, you get one platform build on the cloud but run by you and managed by you.  There are also other benefits to gain advantages on.

  • Provide the option to choose, whether you want Azure in the cloud or Azure in your datacenter
  • Deeper integration into existing datacenter and systems – Full control makes integration easier
  • Data Considerations regards locations for storage –> You decide where data is stored: on-premise, in Azure or hybrid
  • Local regulations –> your control with the power of Azure
  • Latency considerations, A scalable platform build in Azure run in your datacenter with no latency.

Microsoft Hybrid Cloud

With Azure Stack, you get one platform build on the cloud run by you and managed by you.

Azure Stack avaliability

Azure Stack is available in a Technical Preview and is expected to be released in December 2016.

Based on a well-known technology stack to support your business and provide you with the option to choose what is best for your organization, Azure Stack could be your way to next generation data center.

Now what?

If you want to have a deeper dive into the technology, licensing and benefits of a hybrid data center please don’t hesitate to contact me or your local COMPAREX Microsoft Specialist. COMPAREX is here to help you and we can help you create a strategi for your IT environment and create a cloud roadmap tailored just for you company.

You can also register for our next Nordic webinar about Next Generation Hybrid Datacenter focusing on Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and Azure Stack.

Register for the webinar here… 

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