How to clean up the software portfolio

My son is in preschool and he just started having homework. One day at school, the kids were told to draw their highest wishes. Clever as he is, my son drew the following:
1. LEGO – this is always his highest wish. Even though, he has tons of it already…
2. A Nerf gun.
3. A robot. But he didn’t wish for just any robot – this one should be the kind of robot that will make his homework and make sure that his room is cleaned up, so he can do the things he really like doing.

What is on top of your IT wish list?
To be honest, I don’t know why my son put the robot in third place on his wish list. I would want to have that robot in the first position on my own wish list. Imagine that you could have a robot that could make your work easier. Maybe it could help clean up your IT environment or all of your software licenses?

At COMPAREX, we don’t have any robots. However, we have worked for 30 years to recognize and categorize software. This is a service we call COMPAREX SAM2GO Profiler, and it has a software recognition at 99,9%. It can even recognize proprietary software, once it has been encountered. Moreover, the number of categories is as high as 134.

Isn’t it about time to stop spending money and resources on software you don’t use?
With SAM2GO Profiler, you can clean up all software … on all devices … throughout the organization – the basis for consolidation and optimization of the software portfolio is thus subject, and your risk profile may be improved. That way you can find savings on the software budget and spend the money on something that might be more fun. Alternatively, you can spend the money on more necessary things than too many licenses and redundant software. Smart, right?

Clean up the software portfolio – and save money!
You can have COMPAREX SAM2GO Profiler on your wish list. If you are in charge of the software budget, you can have this service, which can add value in terms of simplicity in the infrastructure, minimizing risk and cost optimization.

We want to help you get started with the clean up. Contact us for Proof of Execution and a business case when using COMPAREX SAM2GO Profiler.

Webinar: Software Identification with COMPAREX SAM2GO Profiler
If you want to know more about the COMPAREX SAM2GO Profiler please register for our webinar on the topic on the 4. May or 14. July.

Read more about the webinar and register here…

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