Challenge yourself

You have been looking at the cloud for a while but now has the time come to really start using the services. You probably already using some SaaS applications within the business or the users do at least…

So how can you identify what services already being used within the organization and how can you take control of them but the most important things? How could you offer them the same, equal or new services?

Because let’s face it – they probably use it because it helps them in their day to day work and not try mess with you!

So question yourself; how could you be on top of this? Is it worth to be on topMotivation concept of it? Could someone else manage the lower levels of the service and always provide you with new, updated features and products.


When you figured that out, involve someone that could help your business to take the first steps. Identify what licenses you have and what you are allowed to do. Do your licenses already cover cloud usage?

Is it ok to run both on-premise and in the cloud at the same time and if not – how do we solve that?

So when you are on top of that – go ahead and start with the first identified workload! How do you identify the first workload, well this is a good way to start out.

Best of luck!graf-cloud


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